Ford 7.5 Engine Problems You Should Know About

Ford 7.5 Engine Problems

We don’t think anyone would disagree with us when we say that Ford has produced some iconic engines. Amongst its portfolio of stellar high-performing engines, there are bound to be some which may cause some problems.  While the Ford 460 V8 7.5L engine isn’t the American automobile giant’s worst, it does have its fair share … Read more

Do You Know What Does XLT Stand For FORD?

what does xlt stand for ford

It’s important to properly check the trim level of your car to make sure you’re getting all the necessary features. The acronyms on the car plate generally denote the trim level. Like all other automobile companies, Ford has a series of trim levels, but what does XLT stand for Ford in specific? The term XLT, … Read more

Common Ford F-350 Speed Sensor Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Ford F-350 Speed Sensor Problems

These super-duty Ford trucks have a good reputation for performing excellently with great torque and power. However, it also has its imperfections, specifically if we’re talking about the Ford F-350 speed sensor problems.  A failed speed sensor results in a failed speedometer and vehicle speed control issues, and you’d receive a trouble code for it … Read more

Ford 5.4 Engine Life Expectancy 

Ford 5.4 Engine Life Expectancy

Ford 5.4 engine is a highly used device in most vehicles, especially different models of trucks, vans, cars, etc. Having the reputation of the most reliable engine, the fact of ford 5.4 engine life expectancy automatically appears. Now, here’s the deal. The durability of this engine depends on how well it’s maintained. Yet approximately, it … Read more

Will 35-Inch Tires Fit on Stock F250?

Will 35-Inch Tires Fit on Stock F250

Ever Wondered Will 35-Inch Tires Fit on Stock F250? Here’s Your Answer Customizing tire sizes and types can be such an exhausting adventure, but the good news is F250 trucks makes this task much easier. So, for today’s truck modification trip, let’s explore– will 35-inch tires fit on a stock F250, or will it badly … Read more

6.7 Powerstroke Fuel Filter Change Problems

6.7 powerstroke fuel filter change problems

It’s unusual that you own an automobile and have no difficulties. Most truck owners face trouble after changing the 6.7 Powerstroke fuel filter. And it cost them too much time to find the solution of 6.7 Powerstroke fuel filter change problems.  After changing the fuel filter, the most common problem is the vehicle takes time … Read more

How To Bypass Ford Speed Limiter?

How To Bypass Ford Speed Limiter?

You might be a driver who is in love with speed and has a Ford in your garage. In that case, one question must have hit your mind, “how to bypass Ford speed limiter?” Although Ford cars have a pre-installed “Intelligent Speed Limiter,” you can bypass it with the help of Ford MyKey. Simply boot … Read more

How to Get More Power Out of a Ford 460?

The 460 engines of Ford were introduced in 1968 with 365 horsepower at 4600 RPM. It is still a competent engine if you can get more juice out of it. But how to get more power out of a Ford 460? Will it be worth it? A regular polish and mild port of engine heads … Read more