f250 Body Mount Replacement Cost

The f250 body mounts replacement cost and prices are a key part of the process of repairing your vehicle after an accident or other damage or modifying it when you’re installing new elements such as lifting kits, etc. In this article, I am going to look at how much it costs to replace a Body mount on a Ford f250.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace F250 Body Mount?

The cost to replace is split into two parts: the cost of the parts and the labor, which varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

The average parts cost is between $625, depending on the quality of rubber used in the mount and whether or not you want something better than stock, with more durable polyurethane.

The average labor cost is between $350-$500, depending on how long it takes to get to all four mounts (i.e., if they’re all located under the driver’s side fender well) and whether or not you need to remove any other components (i.e., if there’s an intercooler blocking access to one of them).

Factors Affecting Body Mount Replacement Cost


The location of any repair shop is crucial if you want to save on cost. Most repair shops in the city charge more than those in rural areas. When looking for a shop to carry out this repair, look for one that is not far from your home or workplace. The further you go the costlier it will be. This applies to both labor and parts.


Your mechanic’s expertise, experience, and reputation determine how much you will pay for labor. A qualified and experienced mechanic will always charge more than a newbie with little or no experience at all. The reputation of the repair shop also affects the cost of labor.

Repair shops that are known for good workmanship charge higher than those with a bad reputation. You should check the reviews from past customers before choosing any shop for your F250 body mount replacement.

Whether You are using OEM parts

OEM parts refer to original equipment manufacturer parts that are directly produced by Ford themselves or their authorized dealers. These parts are often more expensive because they are made to meet the original specifications of Ford vehicles. Non-OEM parts are usually cheaper because they are made by other manufacturers who do not have Ford’s approval and quality

Signs of Bad Body Mount on an F250

A rusty, loose or worn body mount can have a number of effects on your truck’s performance.

A loose body mount can cause the entire frame to shake as you’re turning at low speeds. That shimmy can make you feel like you’re driving a boat. It also puts extra stress on the shock absorbers and their mounts, causing them to wear faster than normal.

Also, a loose body mount can make the suspension sound “squeaky” when you go over bumps. This is especially noticeable at highway speeds, where you might expect your suspension to be silent.

A bad body mount can also cause a shimmy from the front of the car. If there’s an obvious wobble or “bounce” in your steering wheel as you turn, it could be caused by a loose body mount.

How Long Does it take to Replace Cab Mounts?

Cab mounts can take a while to replace. A highly skilled mechanic could do it in as little as two hours, but I would estimate that most mechanics will take between three and five hours to complete the job.

The difficulty of the job is related to how much work you have to do underneath the vehicle. If you don’t have to remove any components or lift the body up, then you’ll save some time because you can access everything from above. However, if you have to perform any kind of bracket replacement or other related work, then it’s going to take longer

The actual amount has two bolts on it that attach to the frame. Those bolts are accessible from the bottom of the truck.

You’ll need to jack up the cab and support it so that you can remove those bolts and drop the old mount out of there. Then you just put the new one in place, put your bolts in, tighten them down with a torque wrench, and you’re good to go.