How To Bypass Ford Speed Limiter?

You might be a driver who is in love with speed and has a Ford in your garage. In that case, one question must have hit your mind, “how to bypass Ford speed limiter?”

Although Ford cars have a pre-installed “Intelligent Speed Limiter,” you can bypass it with the help of Ford MyKey. Simply boot up the software and choose the option to “Clear MyKey.” Hold “Ok” until “All MyKey Cleared” appears on the screen. Ford focus speed limiter removal software can be used on the older models as well.

This post will help you know the ins and outs of bypassing the intelligent speed limiter of Ford. Also, you will get to know about adjusting the speed limit of Ford F250 and F150. Let’s jump right in!

What Is A Speed Limiter?

A speed limiter is an electronic device installed in motor vehicles, mainly cars, to set an upper limit of speed in vehicles. It sets an upper-speed limit, such as 70km/hr or 120 km/hr. 

Nowadays, despite having a separate device, car companies like Ford are installing speed limiters in their cars by default.

How Speed Limiter Works in Generally

A sensor in the speed limiter detects how fast the vehicle is going. The detected information is sent to the engine’s computer. 

After reaching the predetermined speed limit, the engine’s computer reduces fuel flow to the engine. The ignition reduces, and the speed stays at the limit.

Installing a speed limiter does not mean not using the accelerator. You will still be able to use the accelerator, but the vehicle will not go any faster.

Speed Limiters in Ford Car

According to Ford, they have two types of speed limiters, Adjustable and Intelligent Speed Limiter. All the new models of Ford cars have Intelligent Speed Limiter. 

In many countries where Ford has a road permit, it is a legal requirement to have a speed limiter in vehicles over 3.5 GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass).

  • How Intelligent Speed Limiters Work In Ford Cars

Intelligent speed limiters can be activated and deactivated in Ford cars with the help of MyKey. 

When activated, the Intelligent Speed Limiter automatically adjusts the speed limit of the vehicles. It detects the required limit from the Traffic Sign Recognition camera. It monitors the road sign and adjusts the speed limit accordingly.

How to Bypass Ford Speed Limiter

MyKey can deactivate the intelligent speed limiter of Ford. In some models of Ford, over the GVM limit, the speed limiter needs expert mechanics to be bypassed. This adjustment sometimes needs over an hour.

To bypass restriction through MyKey, do the following procedure:

  1. Start your car and wait till the onboard computer loads.
  2. Use steering-wheel-mounted control to address the main menu on the screen.
  3. Select “setting.”
  4. Go to the “MyKey” option and select it.
  5. Find the “Clear MyKey” option.
  6. Select the “Clear MyKey” option, then press and hold on “ok” until it appears “All MyKey Cleared” on the screen.

How To Bypass Speed Limiter In Ford F250?

Ford F250 is a family truck with upgraded technology. If you are familiar with the Ford F250, you might find it challenging to cross the speed limit.

The car has traction modes – normal mode, tow/haul mode, eco mode, slippery mode, and deep snow/sand mode. All these modes have their in-built speed limit. 

There is a secret mode that helps you to remove the speed limit. That is, “sports mode.” To get to the “sports mode,” you need to follow some trickery. 

Ford F250 speed limiter removal can be done through the following steps:

  1. Start your car and rotate the controller beside your steering wheel to drive mode.
  2. Push the traction control button. The tiny screen will show on, and if you press again, it will show off.
  3. Press the button twice at a time. Here you have your miracle! The sports mode is on.

In sports mode, the engine has more flow of fuel and air. Thus, when the accelerator is pushed, the speed rises past the restricted limit.

How To Bypass Speed Limiter In Ford 2010 F150?

Ford 2010 F150 has a speed limit of 97mph to ensure safety. But to a speed lover or in some emergency cases, this speed limit can be bothersome. Ford 2010 F150 speed limiter removal will not be as easy as F250.

It does not have an adjustable driving mood. To disable the speed limit, you have to use FORScan Software, Tuner Chips, or Application Tracking Software.

  • Using FORScan Software

FORScan Software is used to reconfigure the Engine Control Module (ECM). It allows you to connect the Ford truck computer module with your computer or mobile, and you can run On Board Diagnosis (OBD).

With the help of FORScan, you can set the desired speed limit on ECM. After the setting is done, just using the accelerator, you can gain your preferred speed limit on Ford 2010 F150.

  • Tuner chips

By installing a few tuner chips, you can modify the factory restored setting. This might cost you a few bucks but will help you to bypass the speed limit on Ford 2010 F150. With the help of a mechanical service provider, you can easily install these chips.

  • Application Tracking Software

Install the Application Tracking Software in your F150. It will appear on the small screen. Now go to settings, select the server option and click on the gameplay feature. Then,  you can set the desired speed limit.

Is It Safe To Remove The Speed Limiter?

Nowadays traffic regulations are becoming stricter regarding speed limits. Governments are ensuring in-built Speed Limiters in vehicles before giving road permits.

Speed limiters may come to you as a restriction that you don’t want. But having this in your vehicle can save your life. 

You need to remember, having different speed limits on various roads has a reason. Mainly, if a teenager is driving your vehicle, it is safer to have a speed limiter installed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do you turn off the speed limiter on a Ford Transit?

You can turn off the speed limiter on Ford Transit by opening ECU and connecting a boot Flash Device. 

  1. Does the speed limiter use more fuel?

If the speed limit is on top, the fuel consumption reduces drastically. Sometimes the result may vary.

  1. What is Ford’s active speed limiter?

Ford has an Intelligent Speed Limiter which performs by using sensors. This is also known as Ford’s active speed limiter.

  1. How do you turn off the speed limiter on a Ford Focus?

On Ford Focus, you can use MyKey to turn off the speed limiter.

  1. What is the difference between speed limiters and cruise control?

Speed Limiter and Cruise Control helps to limit the speed. But in the Speed Limiter, you will still need to use the accelerator, unlike Cruise Control.

Final Words

Old and new models of Ford have different ways to remove the speed limiter. In this post, we have tried to show you how to work with Intelligent Speed Limiter through MyKey and configure Engine Control Module through third-party software. 

Hopefully, we have been able to answer your question on how to bypass Ford speed limiter. Remember, no matter how much you are in love with speed, never compromise your safety while you drive!

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