How to Fix ABS Module Problems on a Ford F150?

The abs module is responsible for the anti-lock braking system and electronic stability control systems in your ford f150. But, It’s frustrating to have abs module problems in your ford f150.

If your f150’s abs module fails to work, it’ll affect the brake lines, ABS sensors, and pumps. When it fails, it can make driving difficult and even dangerous.

So, It’s important to know how to fix the issues when you face the problem. Or before they become too big of a problem for your ford f150.

Don’t worry! In the article, I’ll go through a step-by-step guide on how you can solve the abs module issue and some possible causes of this problem.

What are the symptoms of a bad ABS module in ford f150?

There are a number of signs that can indicate your ABS module is having issues. If you have any of the following symptoms, that means your Ford F150’s ABS Module is facing problems.

  • The ABS Module light will be Illuminated: When the Ford F150’s ABS light comes on, it typically means there is an issue with the ABS system.
  • Brakes look up and Irresponsible paddle: You’ll notice a brake lock up even in regular braking. Also, You’ll hear some random clicking noises, which indicate that your ford f150 is facing an ABS module problem.

Another symptom is that you will notice the brake pedal becoming unresponsive with time. It may take you a few tries to get the brakes to work. But, It also happened for other reasons.

In addition, Sometimes you need to provide more effort to generate braking force than actual force. That means your vehicle has an issue with the ABS module.

  • Faulty Speedometer: The defective ABS module sometimes affects the speedometer. For this, It’ll show incorrect speed on the meter, or the needle will reset at 0 mph.
  • ‘Check Brake System’ Light will pop up: If your f150’s abs module malfunction, then the “Check Brake System” warning light will be turned on. Also, Along with the light, traction, E-brake, and the ABS warning light would also illuminate.
  • If your vehicle abs module faces any problem, you’ll notice that the fuel will smell bad.
  • When you accelerate, you’ll notice a lack of power or jerking.

4 Common Ford F-150 ABS Module Common Problems

It is possible that the ABS module problem can occur because of lack of maintenance, trouble code, bad MOSFET chip, and even the broken or damaged sensor wires are responsible.

For a faulty ABS Module, you’ll face several problems on- road, and below are some common issues you might face.

  1. It reduced braking capacity.
  2. Loud noise or chattering when brakes are applied.
  3. Irregular brake pedal movement.
  4. You might face speedometer issues.

How to Fix the ABS Module on a Ford F150?

Here are a few possible fixes for your f150’s ABS module problem.

1. Easy fix for Illuminates lights or faulty code problems:

If you change any inner system of your vehicle, then this problem might happen. For this, follow the below steps to fix the illuminated lights issue.

  • First, turn off the ignition key and turn it on. Then, Reboot the computer. Because Sometimes, the ABS module is confused by transient issues, and the light ABS warning light pops up. Then, It’ll clear the temporary problem you face.

But, If you notice that the light continuously glows and doesn’t solve the issue, this might occur for a faulty code from the Anti-lock braking system. It might happen because DTC fault codes are generated. To fix it, follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: To do this task, you need to use a scanner tool or your laptop and also collect the ford f150’s owner’s manual to find out the ABS module code.
  • Step 2: Now, Use the OBD II adapter connection and laptop to FORScan with your truck. Wait some seconds until the FORScan shows all data and recognizes it.
  • Step 3: Select the 2nd option fault code bar, which comes with a yellow warning mark. Then, You will notice several options on the screen. Just find out the ABS module option.
  • Step 4: Select it after you find the ABS module option. Now, You need to reset the whole module. For this, click on the reset button.
  • Step 5: Then, Few instructions will come up and follow all of them and turn on your ford f150. Check whether it solves the issuer or not.

2. Easy fix for damaged wires:

If the problems occur due to damaged or worn-out wires, then follow the following steps to fix the issue.

In that case, Ricks Free Auto Repair Advice( and other experts recommend repairing the bad wire as if it were a normal one. But, You need to keep in mind that don’t use any external connector that might cause future burn or damage.

If the wires are rusted or too old, clean them safely. You can further cut the wires to make it easier to connect the joints. Now, splice the wires together with a good quality solder.

This will allow the sensor wire to transmit signals to the module again and fix the problem.

3. Bad MOSFET chip

Step 1: First, you need to get access to the ABS module. The ABS module is located under the brake fluid reservoir. To access it, You need to remove the housing of the air filter.

The battery’s negative terminal must first be disconnected because a 50 amp voltage passes through the module. On the ABS housing, the ABS module is held by four screws. For this, Unscrew the nuts using a Torx. Also, Remove the harness from the module’s rear, which connects the pump with the ABS module.

Step 2: Cut the seam of the module with a Dremel cutting wheel. But, Don’t cut it too deeply. Otherwise, It’ll damage the internal parts.

Now, Remove the two halves from it, and you’ll find the MOSFET chip. This chip should be changed to solve the issue.

Step 3: First of all, you must scrape the protective coating off and then remove any burnt debris with a solder wick. Now, Using a solder wick and heated solder tip, remove the chip. Now,clean up all contact points by removing more metal to make room for your new MOSFET chip and applying flux to all contacts. Now, Add the new chip in the place of the old chip.

Step 4: Use silicone to ensure the cover is closed and securely fastened. Now, follow the reverse process to reinstall the module. Lastly, Reattach the negative cable and the fuse, then secure them back in place.

Now, Turn on your ford f150, and your problem might be fixed.

How often do ABS control modules need to be replaced on the Ford f150?

Depending on the make and year of your Ford F150, however, one thing is for sure: at some point (perhaps even as early as 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles), the ABS module in your vehicle may fail.

When this happens, it can be a simple fix or signify the beginning of the end for your truck’s ABS system.

Can I drive with a bad ABS module?

The short answer is yes, and you can drive with an ABS fault as long as there isn’t any problem with your car brake system. But, there are some precautions you should take, especially in slick or wet conditions.

How much does it cost to replace the abs module in f150?

When it comes to the price of replacing the abs module in f150, this depends on many factors. If you are looking for an average cost, then you should expect to pay $700-$800. Also, You need to pay an additional $50 to $100 for the labor cost.

However, if you want a more specific range with the highest and lowest prices possible and other information like how much it costs, then contact your local service center.

Final Words

There are many different reasons why you are facing an abs module problem in your ford f150. So, The best way to fix the issue is by visiting the local mechanics or technicians. They will be able to diagnose and fix any issues related to this component of your vehicle.

But, If you read out our above guide, then you can do this task all by yourself. So, If you are experiencing problems with your Ford F150 ABS module, then don’t waste time to start to diagnose the problem and fix it before any potential risk.

I hope the article helped you find out the ford f150 abs module problems and how you can fix the issues.

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