How to Fix Shift Linkage Problems on a Ford f150?

The Ford F150 is a popular vehicle, but there can be problems as with any car or truck. One common problem that many people have encountered is the shift linkage.

The main purpose of shift linkage is to connect the gear selector or gear shift to the transmission. But, Sometimes, the f150’s owner finds that the transmission fails to work properly and does not shift into gear. 

This problem might have happened for various reasons, and the harsh reality is that it affects every person who owns a Ford f150, and each one will experience different symptoms.

A number of different things can cause the problem, and the solution is not always clear. Don’t worry! If you’re experiencing any difficulties shifting your car into gear, make sure to read through this article before taking it in for repair!

This blog post will go over some of the most common issues with Ford f150 shift linkage problems and provide potential solutions to try. 

4 Common Reasons for Shift Linkage Problems on a Ford F150

A variety of reasons can cause shift linkage problems in the ford f150s. Here are a few common reasons why your ford f150’s shift linkage is facing problems.

  1. The most common reason is the Torx head screws loosen up.
  2. A broken shifter cable.
  3. Broken shift linkage bushing.
  4. Damages to surrounding parts due to excessive heat.

All these issues can be repaired with some effort on your part if you know what to look for.

How do I know if my shift linkage is bad?

If you are having problems with your Ford F150’s transmission shifting roughly or too slowly, you may want to check the condition of your shift linkage. The shifter may be old and worn out. 

  • You can tell if something is wrong with your shift linkage by first sifting through all of the gears. Once you are in 3rd gear, shift into reverse and then back into drive without coming to a full stop. 

If you notice that there is no change in the way your truck shifts gears, this may indicate an issue with your transmission shift linkage. You also find it difficult to change gears.

  • Also, You may hear irritating noises when operating the f150 like bushing, whirring, thumping sounds which are most common. If you hear this type of sound, it means your f150 is facing a problem with the shift linkage.
  • Another thing to check is where your fluid level is on your transmission. If it is low, then you will have to add more fluid and check everything out again. 

Also, pay attention to whether or not the fluid smells burnt or has a dark color. This indicates that something may be going wrong inside of your transmission linkage, which could lead to some very costly repairs down the road if it continues.

What happens if your shift linkage is bad?

Shifter linkage is one of the most important components of your car. It is directly connected with the gear system. 

If your car faces any shift linkage issue, then you might face the below problems.

  1. You’ll notice unusual gear which does not match with the indicator light or cable. For example, When you change the gear drive to park, you’ll notice that it indicates you are in drive mode.
  2. Sometimes, You cannot turn off your vehicle.
  3. Poor performance.

Most importantly, Driving with a bad or broken shifter cable is very dangerous because it’s the cause of irregular management of your car gear shifting system. If you know your transmission needs repair, then avoid driving the car and troubleshoot the issue. 

Just Imagine, trying to operate a car without knowing which gear was selected in advance!

How to fix a shifter linkage problem on a Ford F150?

You already know that shift linkage isn’t facing problems for a single reason. So, below, I provide a few possible fixes that might help you fix shift linkage of your ford f150. 

1. Quick fix of Torx head screws loosen up an issue: 

Most of the time, it’s the main cause of your f150’s problems. Tightening the screws might solve all your issues. Follow all the steps to tighten the Torx screws. 

Step 1: You’ll find the screws above the steering column. For this, go to the dash and look at it. Also, Grab a flashlight to watch the screws well.

Step 2: Now, You’ll find out the 2 Torx head screws. Just simply tighten them using a wrench. These screws are holding the cable to the linkage. 

After, Tighten the screws, start your truck and check whether it is working perfectly or not.

2. Quick fix of Bad Shift Cable:

Step 1:  First, Put the gear on neutral before starting and use a piece of wood to block your vehicle wheels. 

Remove the cover from the bottom dash. Then, You’ll find a silver plate which is held by four screws. 

Step 2: Take a ratchet wrench and simply remove the four screws. Now, Take out the silver plate.

Step 3:  Now, go to your ford f150’s underneath and find out the shift linkage along with the cable. Now, Use a small screwdriver to remove the shift linkage along with the cable.

Step 4:  Now, If you have a new shift linkage, then place it here. However, You can also use the old one. Just, Find out the damaged wires and cut them down it. Then, carefully plug them and use tapes to wrap the open wire connection.

Step 5: Now, follow the reverse process to reconnect everything in place.

3. Quick fix of Shift Linkage Bushing:

To fix this issue, You need to purchase a ford shift linkage bushing repair kit. The kit must match your car year.

  • First, go underneath the truck, locate the brushing, and remove it using a screwdriver.
  • To remove the new brushing flat top, use your hand to lift it from inside the shift linkage. Now, Insert the brushing of linkage by providing some force.

How much does it cost to fix shift linkage?

This is a common question, but there isn’t an average answer. The reason for this is because the cost of replacing a shift linkage can vary based on the reason of problems, your location, and many other factors. In general, repairing a broken shifter will cost between $200-$400 in most cases.

If your vehicle needs to tighten the screws, it’ll cost you around $50 to $75. Replacing the shifter cable will charge around $125-250, while you can do it on your own by spending just $35-$80.

Final Words

Ford F-150 shift linkage problems can be a hassle. But, If you know why this problem occurs, you can easily fix this issue on your own, or you need to take your car to the service center.

If you want to know how to fix the issues, then I hope you already know how to do that. Also, I shared some possible ways why this problem is happening and problems you might face.

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