How to Get More Power Out of a Ford 460?

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The 460 engines of Ford were introduced in 1968 with 365 horsepower at 4600 RPM. It is still a competent engine if you can get more juice out of it. But how to get more power out of a Ford 460? Will it be worth it?

A regular polish and mild port of engine heads can increase the efficiency of a 460 engine. You can also install roller rockers or hydraulic rockers, improve the exhaust systems and header to increase the engine’s power. You can avoid fuel spills by adding a jet metering kit to balance the consistency of power.

The oiling machine and spark plugs play a vital role in powering up a 460. So, let’s jump into the details and see whether you can work with your Ford 460 to get more power or not.

How to Get More Power Out of a Ford 460

To squeeze maximum power from a 460 engine, you need to make some arrangements. You can replace parts like roller rockers, exhaust systems, and spark plugs. But some features need to be polished and adjusted to increase the performance.

1. Mild Port and Polish

Isn’t it surprising that just a little polishing and cleaning can increase your engine’s efficiency? Mainly, you’ve to pull the heads up and clean them just like the three-angle valves. After that, you will notice the upgraded performance yourself.

Cleaning is an essential part of increasing the efficiency of the engine. Several oil residues, coolants, filtrates get stuck in the head and valves. They decrease the pathways of fuels and coolants. Thus, the performance of 460-engines can gradually decrease.

The most significant advantage is that you don’t need to spend some extra money to enhance the performance. All you need is time and some effort to clean the heads and valves.

2. Install Roller Rockers

You need to get rid of old stamped steel rockers. These old rockers can’t increase the mileage even if you want to. A rocker arm conveys the radial movement to the cam lobes. Then it converts the movement into linear to make the poppet valve open.

So, previous rockers can’t provide enough context in the internal combustion engine. That’s why replace them with new trick flows. 

The new ones have a 1.73 rocker ratio that is pretty awesome for linear movements. And the relief cut in the front provides more valve spring clearance.

3. Performer Intake

These are basically the intake manifolds that prove the torque of the engine. So, if you change the old manifolds with a new one, you will significantly improve the RPM range with greater torque.

The throttle response will be high enough that you will get up to 8000 RPM if you use a one-piece spider design. In old intake, manifolds would give you 4600 RPM. But with the new ones, you will have an additional 10 horsepower increment. It is probably the most significant jump to enhance the performance of a 460-engine. 

So, make sure the power ports are in good condition. Otherwise, there is no alternative to changing it. Trick flow’s aluminum power ports are perfectly matched as a replacement. It has a higher compression ratio compared to previous ones.

4. Rebuild the Carb

A carburetor measures the total flow of air-fuel mixture and delivers them for combustion. So, if the carb can’t mix and provide enough fuel for combustion, your engine won’t produce much energy.

So, it’s better to use a better carburetor while improving the design and boost engine performance.

5. Aftermarket HEI Distributor

The HEI distributor is an internal ignition coil that allows the fuel to ignite in the quickest response. The 460-engine of Ford needs to be repaired for better performance from the ignition coils.

The coils get corroded and wither over time. So, if you repair the coils, it will boost the engine with a higher combustion rate.

6. Concern About the Headers

These are considered the easiest way to increase the performance of a 460-engine. Mainly, the headers just give a push to the exhaust gases to get out of the cylinder.

So, it’s better if you choose to replace the old headers with new ones. Then, you will notice a significant improvement in engine performance.  Make sure that you have proper headers with compatible designs.

7. Exhaust Improvement

As you know, the exhaust system helps to remove exhaust gases from the engine. A proper exhaust system is essential for controlling combustion inside the machine.

So, check if the exhaust is working correctly or not. Then you can replace the exhaust system with headers to boost your engine.

8. Air Filter Replacement

A massiverole is played by air filters in enhancing engine performance. It supports the fuel mixture for better combustion. It also protects from outside debris.

If the filter is dirty, you will notice a performance drop in your car. So, replace the filter before it becomes ineffective.

9. Hydraulic Roller/Camshaft

A regular camshaft is mainly a performance setup for an engine. But to boost the machine like a power plant, you will need a hydraulic camshaft.

The new hydraulic shaft must have flat tabs of 494 size compared to the previous one that has 685 of size. Ensure the shapes of lobes are better than the old ones so that they can hold the valves longer and increase the combustion duration. A 50,000 lift (256 intake and 264 on the exhaust side) is enough to enhance noticeable performance.

10. Oiling Machine

You need a significant improvement in the oiling system of a 460-engine. The oiling present in the 460 tends to crack or break in high RPMs.

It’s better to use an oiling system with a much thicker mounting pad. Then, it can withstand the higher RPMs and even remain down at idle.  So, using this oiling system will definitely enhance the performance and provide longevity.

11. Spark Plugs

How does a spark plug make a difference in performance and fuel economy? Well, it turns out that the concept is right. 

Spark plugs can enhance performance. Mainly, it creates an electrical arc to ignite the fuel. Moreover, a poor spark plug can reduce emissions, and thus it will affect combustion. So, you have to use a well-functioned high-quality spark plug.

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12. Adjusting Jet Metering Kits

Mainly it’s a tool to increase fuel economy. The jet measuring kit keeps the fuels away from spilling and your money and time. It’s also helpful to get more power out of a ford engine as fuel economy is related to a power boost.

You just need to adjust it in front of the fuel bowls and see the differences.

Is It Worth to Upgrade All the Parts?

Well, before you overestimate, we would like to say that you won’t have to replace all the parts we mentioned unless it’s a wholly damaged engine.

If you have a Ford 460 and you want to improve the performance, you need to check the present conditions of these parts first. And then you can decide which one to replace and which to repair.

Surprisingly, even if you want to replace all the parts and make the engine tip-top from scratch, you won’t have to spend much. Several budget-friendly parts are available in the market that will help you squeeze more power from a 460.


1. Is the 460 engine reliable?

Yes, the 460s are pretty reliable and solid engines. They can provide 1.5 HP per cubic inch. But due to some fuel economy problems, the engine lost its popularity.

2. Which ford engine has the most power?

The latest Mustang Shelby GT500 has been introduced as the most powerful Ford engine ever. It is capable of being supercharged and can provide 760 horsepower and 625 lb torque.

3. Are the 460-engine block and 429 engine blocks interchangeable?

Yes, they are. Though there are some differences, they are interchangeable with only 4.36 inches of bores. But the strokes are not the same. If you want to interchange, you have to displace a 460 crank into a 429, and then you can replace it.

4. Are there any differences between all ford 460 blocks?

Obviously, they are not the same. After introducing the 460-engines, Ford had launched several versions of it. Like the 460s before 1978 was internally balanced, and the 460s after that was internally balanced.

5. What MPG can you get from a 460?

If you are on a highway, you can get 14 to 15 miles per gallon from a 460 engine. The number will get low when driving on town roads (10 to 12 MPG) or carrying loads (7 to 10 MPG), but it depends on the weight of loads.  

Final Words

Fords are very stylish and impressive cars. If you own a ford 460, you would love the way it is but might just be a little disappointed about its engine performance. Boosting the engine will give you better mileage and speeds as wellAs you have now know the tricks of how to get more power out of a ford 460, you can make some adjustments and boost your car. So, increase your engine power and enjoy the ride. However, remember to always be careful and abided by traffic laws.

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