How to permanently disable auto start stop ford f150?

Ford f150 is a great truck, and it has been designed to be reliable. But there are some things you need to know how to do before you purchase the car. One of those things is how to disable auto start-stop. 

The auto start-stop feature in the ford f150 is one of the most effective inventions, but it has some drawbacks too. So, Many users want to stop this feature on their ford f150 vehicles. 

This article will show you how to disable the auto start-stop feature in the ford f150 permanently. This is something that many Ford f150 users have been asking about. 

What is the purpose of auto start-stop in vehicles?

The purpose of the auto start-stop in-vehicle system is simple. It’s designed to help save on fuel costs and reduce emissions. It also increases the life of your engine by eliminating unnecessary starts.

The vehicle will automatically turn off the engine when you come to a complete stop for more than a few seconds, and this is done as a way to conserve energy. Also, It doesn’t affect your car engine.

Start-stop technology is a new feature in the ford f150 that allows the engine to turn off when you stop at a red light or drive slower. Then, when you start up again, the engine turns on and starts quickly.

Can start-stop technology be turned off permanently in ford f150?

This function can be highly annoying if you’re often stuck in traffic on your daily commute. So, You might want to turn off this feature permanently.

But, This would be a YES and NO answer. You can’t physically turn it off, but there is a way to trick the system into thinking that it’s working properly.

How to permanently disable auto start-stop ford f150?

Here is a step-by-step process of permanently disabling the auto start-stop feature in the ford f150.

Easiest Way

This is the easiest way to disable the auto start-stop feature in the ford f150. For this, You just need to unplug the B.M.S connector from the battery. This wire connector is responsible for the battery monitoring system.

This connector allows for voltage monitoring and intelligent charging of the battery, ensuring that the battery is properly charged and reducing cycling and wear on the alternator. 

So, If you unplug this connector, you will lose those functionalities, but the auto start-stop feature also disables it.

Recommend way: Auto start/stop eliminator

  • First, You need to pop up the upper tray above the screen.
  • Now, You need to remove the 2x7mm screws using a wrench. Once you remove the screws out, you can pull the dash panel on the upper side a little bit. Try to grab the little tab for the wiring harness and simply pull it out.
  • After installing it, every time you start your ford f150, it’ll act like you pushed the off button on the auto start-stop system. That means you successfully disable the auto start-stop technology on your ford.

Through a program:

In this way, You don’t need to unplug any plug on the battery. All you need to do is change some entries in forscan, which will disable the feature.

You need to change the total of three entries to complete the process, and they are: 

  1. Battery monitoring system.
  2. Button itself.
  3. Gauge cluster modification.

Will Auto Start-Stop Damage Your Starter?

This is what many people worry about. However, there has been no concrete evidence to show that this type of passive system damages starters in any way.  

When your vehicle starts up again after being put in gear, the starter is already at a higher speed and does not need to be accelerated again. 

Also, It doesn’t impact as much as cold starts. So, You don’t need to worry about your starter damage.

Does Auto start-stop actually save fuel?

The answer is yes! Studies have shown that using a start-stop can improve your fuel economy by over 8% in heavy traffic. 

The auto start-stop system automatically cuts the engine when you are idle or stopped. This helps to reduce fuel consumption more when it comes to city driving.

Final Words

The auto-stop/auto-start feature is a great way for drivers on long road trips or those who do not want to worry about turning off their engines when they come into heavy traffic. But, many users don’t like to use this technology.

 If you want to disable the auto start-stop technology for a ford f150 permanently, all you need is a few minutes and some basic knowledge. There are many different ways to disable the stop-start feature. 

I hope in the above guide. You already found out how to permanently disable auto start-stop ford f150. 

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