How To Reset Fuel Filter Life On 2006 Duramax Like A True Expert?

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Written By Thomas Anderson

The fuel filter life is an essential part of the engine, and resetting it is an important task too. But do you know how to reset fuel filter life on 2006 Duramax?

On automated steering wheels, press and hold the SELECT button for about 5 seconds. Release when “FUEL FILTER LIFE RESET” message displays on the DIC. For manual cars, turn the ignition key to the ON position and wait for 5 seconds. Press & hold the brake and accelerator pedals together for about 10 seconds. The fuel filter should now be reset.

If you own a heavy-duty truck, it’s a must for you to know about the type of engine they use. You can save a lot of time and money by fixing it yourself if you know your vehicle better. So, if you want to acquire some more knowledge about fuel filters in general, stick around with us for a bit longer.

What Is A 2006 Duramax?

As an engine used for heavy-duty trucks, the 2006 Duramax is can generate the amount of strength that’s needed for a truck of high caliber. 

The new and improved 2006 Duramax has been updated after its release, and it has a much better performance and efficiency now. With improved block casting, the truck now offers a nice and sturdy exterior. 

Bearing materials of the truck have also been upgraded. The new pistons are designed to lower compression from 16.8:1 to 17.5:1. For compensation, they increased the diameters of the piston bore. In addition, the connecting “I” rods are now thicker.

The injector pressure has been increased from 23,000 psi to 26,000 psi, while the fuel pump also has high pressure. As a result, the turbocharger is a lot smoother and efficient.

Thanks to a brand new 32-bit E35 engine controller, the truck provides better efficiency and lower emissions. In addition, a 600-watt grid heater is included to reduce smoke during cold and light-load driving.

What Is A Fuel Filter?

A fuel filter is a layer of materials that maintain the safety of the operation of the engine. The layer protects the injection system from possible contaminations. It’s a filter situated in the fuel line that helps to screen out the dirt and rust particles that build up in the fuel.

These fuel filters need to be maintained regularly. The modern injection systems are sensitive to the tiniest fuel impurities. 

The quantity of dirt particles allowed in fuels is often exceedingly high. Even the injection system can get clogged and stop functioning correctly if the fuel filter is not changed after some time.

Resetting The Fuel Filter

A fuel filter is a necessary part of the engine. It helps the basic work process of the machine to occur smoothly.

Some trucks have standard engines with an alert display on the dashboard. Whenever a problem occurs in the fuel filter, the display shows an alert diverting your attention to the problem. 

Though the fuel filter can be reset for various reasons, the resetting process is quite simple.

  • Reasons

There’re a few reasons for which one might need to reset the fuel filter. The reasons are specified here –

  1. Engine sputters or stops all of a sudden.
  2. Car engine doesn’t want to start.
  3. Supply of power is drastically low.
  4. Engine is giving very poor mileage.
  5. “Check Engine Light” keeps showing all the time.
  6. Engine oil needs changing.
  7. There is water mixed with the car’s fuel.

Any kind of problem with the fuel will make the system unstable. So, if you see your engine going berserk, try changing the fuel filters.

However, replacing the fuel filter does not mean that the alert from the screen will disappear. Instead, it has to be done manually from the inside of the truck.

  • Process

The process of resetting the fuel filter life is an effortless task. Though it has two different settings for two different systems, both of them are simple. Just go through the following steps if you want to reset your fuel filter life.

For vehicles with steering wheel controls:

  1. Locate the select button.
  2. Once you’ve located the select button, press and hold the button for about 5 seconds.
  3. If that doesn’t work, keep holding the button as long as the “CHANGE FUEL FILTER” message is displayed.
  4. Release the button when the “FUEL FILTER LIFE RESET” message displays on the DIC (Driver Information Center).

For vehicles without steering wheel controls:

  1. First, check if you have to turn the ignition key to the ON position.
  2. Make sure that you’re not pressing the pedals.
  3. Also, be careful not to start the engine.
  4. Wait for about 5 seconds while you’re holding the key.
  5. Now, press the brake and accelerator pedals together.
  6. Hold the pedal for about 10 seconds.
  7. After that, the system will now be reset.
  8. Now, turn the ignition key in the other direction, which indicates OFF.
  9. If you start the engine afterward, the message will no longer show on display.

What The Fuel Filter Warning Light Indicates

In automatic systems, the fuel filter has a fluid level sensor inside that tracks the amount of water collected. It can hold up to a certain amount of water at a time. Once the level starts reaching the limit, the warning light will turn on and let you know that you need to empty the filter.

However, on manual systems, a valve located at the bottom of the filter lets the water drain out when it’s opened. If the filter empties automatically and turns the lights on, it’s an indication that the system has detected a malfunction. So, it needs to be checked immediately.

This alert signal could mean that the drain is somehow blocked, and the system can’t empty itself.

Be careful not to ignore this warning light by any chance because it could end up filling the system with water and can start leaking to the engine. Once the water gets drained from the filter after some time, the warning light will go out on its own.

Should I Drive While The Fuel Filter Warning Light On?

It’s not necessarily an emergency initially when the light turns on. Although, you must drain the filter immediately because it can become a significant problem if left unchecked. If you wait for too long, the water will build up and eventually get to the engine, causing some severe damage.

Keep in mind to change the fuel filter at the proper service intervals. Because only draining the water will not eradicate the other possibilities that can also be an issue. Particles caught in the filter can also be the reason why the alert is showing.

Not to worry, because there’re certified technicians around the world who are always available. They’re right close to you and are there to assist you in diagnosing the problems that your car’s fuel filter is facing. In addition, they can drain your car’s filter or replace it for you in an instant.


The lesson on how to reset fuel filter life on 2006 Duramax is an important one. It’ll keep your engine and you safe whenever the fuel filter faces a problem. If treated immediately, it shouldn’t be a big problem. But if you ignore it, there might be some major consequences.

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