How to use trailer brake controller f150?

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Written By Thomas Anderson

The ford f150 series is a popular truck that many people enjoy for its versatility and power. It can be used for hauling heavy loads. 

For this, one of the accessories you might need to install on your f150 is a trailer brake controller. This device will help you control the braking system on your trailer.

But, many users find it a little bit confusing when using the trailer brake controller. In this blog post, I’ll provide an in-depth guide about using a trailer brake controller on your f150. So, You can stay safe on the road. Also, I answer some common questions you might have regarding the trailer brake controller.

What is a trailer brake on an F150?

Trailer brake on F150 is a special option that comes with the truck’s towing package. It uses air pressure to slow down or stop your trailer.

The main purpose of this device is to provide power at the rear axle on single-axle trailers, and in some cases, it provides the limited braking capability for dual-axle trailers. It also can be used with electric drum brakes or hydraulic disc brakes.

Another benefit of the trailer brake on the F150 function is that it can prevent the trailer from hitting your vehicle.

How to use trailer brake controller f150?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can use a trailer brake controller in your ford f150.

Step 1: First, Make sure that the trailer wire is properly connected to the vehicle.

Step 2:  After connecting the car’s trailer brake wire, go to your driving seat and press and hold the car brake pedal. Now, You’ll get the output setting on display.

Step 3: Now, you need to adjust the setting. For this, Turn the output controller left or right and set it to 2.0. 

Step 4: Next, You need to change the sync setting. For this, hold the brake pedal and move the controller slightly, and you’ll notice that the display will start the change to the sync setting. 

You can toggle the sync control ahead or back to adjust it and set it to 4-Zero. 

Step 5: Yes, Your all initial setup of the trailer brake controller is complete. Now, go for a test drive and select an open area for this. Then, apply the manual control of the trailer brakes when driving forward.

The output control should be adjusted to the right if you find the brakes weak. But, When it locks up or jerks, change it to the left. Then, repeat the process until the brakes work properly without locking up.

Step 6: After perfectly setting up the output setting, you need to adjust the brake aggressiveness. For this, Drive and press the brake. Again, if everything is perfect, the trailer and tow vehicle should stop smoothly.

If you notice that it stops slowly, hold the brake pedal and move the sync control to the rear. For aggressive stop, adjust the sync control to the vehicle’s front when you hold the brake pedal.

Note: If you witness any unexpected problem while setting it up, identify it by looking at your user’s manual troubleshooting guide and finding the solution.

How do you calibrate a trailer brake controller?

The process is too easy. First, Park your vehicle on a level surface. Then, You need to connect the tow vehicle with your trailer. 

After connecting it, It’ll start automatic calibrating because most brake controllers come with a self-calibrating feature. But, You also need to make some manual adjustments to get the best performance.

What should my trailer gain be set at?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. Trailer gain should be according to your trailer and how much load you are carrying. When towing large trailers, set the gain setting higher, and when towing small trailers, lower the gain setting. 

Final Words

Trailer brake controllers are the best way to manage your trailer’s braking and speed. This allows you to focus more of your attention on steering if needed, or even just rest while traveling long distances. 

But, many users find it hard to use a trailer brake controller on their f150. So, This blog post has hopefully given you some helpful information about how to use the brake controller for your ford f150.

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