How Do I Know If My BMW Has Remote Start? (Explained)

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Written By Thomas Anderson

BMW is the most sought-after car brand due to its comfort and quality. Each BMW model has unique features that promote a better driving experience. The remote start is my favorite feature since it makes life behind the wheel convenient and comfortable.

Many BMW car owners find it challenging to locate the remote start in their rides since each model has unique features. To check if your vehicle has a remote start, look up the iDrive sub-menu settings.

Locating remote start in modern BMW models is simple since these vehicles feature a Live Cockpit and digital gauge cluster. These components indicate that your BMW car has a remote start feature.

The remote start has an impact on the engine performance. Some European markets have implemented laws that restrict the addition of remote start in BMW vehicles. This article provides detailed insight into the BMW remote start identification.

Do All BMWs Have Remote Start?

A remote start feature is not available to all BMW models since it was first launched in 2019. Besides that, the remote start is only available to specific countries since the European market restricts its inclusion on the vehicles.

If your BMW car lacks a remote start, download the feature from the connected drive store. But the remote start will only function if it is compatible with your BMW model.

The 2018 and current BMW models are compatible with the remote start if you download them from the BMW connected drive store.

BMW series 1 and 2 are older models that are incompatible with the application. The earliest 2018 BMW models do not come with a remote start from the factory. So, it will be challenging to add the feature to the car since it is incompatible.

How Do I Know If My BMW has Remote Start?

Look up the iDrive menu settings for the remote start feature by selecting the climate comfort, then pre-conditioning and ventilation.

This identification step is only applicable to the newer BMW models. The premium package is another option for locating remote engine start for the post- 2018 BMW models. These BMWs usually feature iDrive 7.0 (Live Cockpit) and a digital gauge cluster.

The component offers a convenient way to start the vehicle without fumbling the key during the cold and rainy weather. This high-tech addition is limited to North America and restricted to the European market. A remote start allows the drive to start the car from anywhere.

But those older models require the driver to use the key and be within the range to start them. The feature does not make any difference when starting the car at normal temperature.

How Much Does a BMW Remote Start Cost?

The average cost of an OEM remote start for BMW models is about $500 to $600. But we recommend buying a remote start for BMW models compatible with it to avoid malfunctioning.

If your BMW model has a connected-drive store, download the latest remote start version after the payment. The option is available to those new BMW models that do not have a remote start from the factory.

The feature is ideal for those people living in extreme cold or warm weather locations though it is too expensive. It allows the driver to start the vehicle without walking outside or fumbling with the key in cold or rainy weather.

How Do I Setup My BMW Remote Start?

Setting up the BMW remote start can be a daunting experience for new owners with compatible models. Here are quick steps to set up a BMW remote start:

Purchase the Remote Start

Login to the BMW-connected drive account and add the remote start to the shopping list. Enter the payment details and confirm the purchase.

Download and Active the Feature

Download the remote start while driving and follow the instructions to install it in your vehicle. Use the security code in your email to activate the remote start application.

Login and Set for the Next Drive

Sign into the application and set the remote start configurations before beginning your next drive. The configuration process is straightforward and will take less than 5 minutes.


A remote start is a built-in feature for new BMW models. It helps make the driver’s life behind the wheel comfortable and convenient. The function limits the need to walk outside or fumble the key during extreme weather conditions.

All pre-2018 models are not compatible with the remote start function. We recommend not wasting your money buying since it will not work. Consult the nearest authorized BMW dealer within your vicinity.