Ford f150 Leveling Kit Problems

ford f150

If you’ve ever wondered whether a leveling kit is right for your Ford F150, you’re not alone. A lot of people want to install these kits but don’t want to risk damaging their truck in the process. Well, I’m here to tell you that adding a leveling kit can be risky business and in this … Read more

Brake System Problem Honda Civic (Signs & Causes)

Brake System Problem Honda Civic

Every car brand strives to manufacture vehicles with high-tech safety features and facilities that promote comfort while driving. Brakes belong to the safety category since they help stop or slow down car motion. The Honda Civic has the best brake system when compared to other models. But this does not make the brake system invincible … Read more

My BMW App Not Working: Causes & Fixing Tips

bmw app

The BMW app is among a few high-tech features that provide satisfaction and an excellent driving experience. The application allows users to control some functions on their BMW cars in their comfort zone. The car owner can check the tire pressure, fuel level, interior temperature, and other vital things using the application. This BMW software … Read more

Bmw Run Flat Tires Cost

bmw run flat tire cost

You need to replace your tires, but you are surprised at the prices. Everyone has heard of Run Flat Tires and how valuable they are when there is a blowout on an interstate highway, but what is the dollar amount that we should expect to pay to get them? Let’s find out. How much Do … Read more

7.3 Powerstroke Problems

7.3 powestroke

The 7.3 Powerstroke is a beast of a diesel engine and it is one of the most beloved diesel pickup engines ever. This engine can be found in the Ford Super Duty trucks manufactured from 1994 to 2004. The decade-long time interval that this engine was made shows how good it was. That being said, … Read more

6.4 Powerstroke Problems

6.4 powerstroke problems

The 6.4 Powerstroke is a beast of an engine that can be found on the Ford Super Duty trucks between 2008 and 2010. The engine was quite a milestone for Ford as far as reducing emissions was concerned. However, there are some 6.4 Powerstroke problems that have adversely affected its reputation. These problems include a … Read more