How To Remove Ford Dually Fender Lights?

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Fender lights in Ford are important for parking and crossing the cross-over roads. They work as the side marker light. Before they are broken, you should know how to remove ford dually fender lights.

Changing fender lights is not rocket science. Ford dually fender lights are attached to the dually bed of the vans or trucks with stickers. From behind the fender line, push the light, and it will come off easily. Then move it from the socket. Finally, clean the socket using alcohol pads.

It’s pretty easy to remove the fender light. Still, you should be aware of the technicalities. At different models of Ford, you might need to use different methods. To get to learn more, walk through this post. It will help you to enhance your knowledge about the fender lights.

Ford Dually Fender Lights

Ford fender lights are small LED marker lights used on the side of the dually bed just beside the wheels. They work as the side marker lights for the other drivers on the road.

These LED marker lights help to park, change sides, and cross a road. In Ford’s super-duty vans, fender lights come as handy. Even when a sudden brake is applied to the car, these lights turn on and help to avoid a sudden crash.

Types Of Dually Fender Lights

There are mainly 2 types of fender lights:

1.   Front fender lights

2.   Rear fender light

Functions Of Ford Dually Fender Lights

The function of fender lights is not many. But they are essential. They are used-

  • To change lanes
  • To change direction
  • While parking
  • While crossing roads

Color Of Fender Lights

You can find different colored fenders lights in the market like yellow, amber, red, green, and white. But you need to remember one thing: green and white fender lights are illegal in most countries. The most preferred color is amber and red.

These colors are visible from a wider distance even if the neighborhood is fogged or smoked. When they blink like stars, they can easily give clearance to the other drivers on the road.

How To Remove Ford Dually Fender Lights

Removing Ford dually fenders lights is relatively easy. These lights are set in a ford just beside the wheels.

You can get at the back of the lights just by removing the fender line. There, you will find a wire socket connecting to the light. Just pushing a bit can help you to remove the light.

Replacing Dually Fender Lights on F350 super duty

F350 super duty is a truck base model. It is reported to be used in rough situations like heavy snow or sand. In case of harsh weather, it is tough to rely on just sidelights as a signal. In these kinds of situations, dually fender lights are quite handy.

The replacement of the Ford F350 dually fender line is easy too. You just need to follow a very few steps to replace a fender light. Here are a few steps that you can follow:

1. Pop up the rubber pin carefully so that it can be used later on.

2. Put your hands behind and find the wire connecting the fender light.

3. Make sure that the lights are turned off ahead of the procedure.

4. Now gently push the light from behind.

5. If it has been there for a long time, you might find it stuck. Pushing it a bit harder will help you.

6. When the light has loosened up, take out the head of the socket a bit.

7. Remove the electric tap, if any, and you will see a port like USB is connecting the light and the socket.

8.  Remove the port, and your old light is removed.

9. With the alcohol pad, clean the socket, the gap where the light was attached. It will help to connect the new light properly.

10. Now attach the new light to the port. Make sure to attach the sticker to the light before attaching the port.

11. To check, turn on the light.

12. At last, place the light on the dual fender.

With these steps, you can easily replace a Ford F350 Super Duty’s fender lights. You can find a visual representation of the process on youtube.

Where To Get Fender Lights For Ford?

Ford’s dually fender lights are readily available at the market. You can get them at any mechanical shop in your neighborhood.

Also, you can get the authentic Ford fender lights at amazon. Based on the ford model, they can provide a massive range of LED fender lights.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is marker light?

Side marker lights are the small lights attached to the four-wheel vehicle’s front and rear side to give signals.

Why is my fender light not working?

  • There can be a few reasons that your dually fender lights are not working. Like-
  • Your fender light is formed of tiny LED lights. They can be fused.
  • Also, being attached in the wrong direction will not allow the light to work.
  • There can be faulty wiring.

Do I need LED lights as fender lights?

The fender light gets a lower flow of current supply. These LED side marker lights work better in such cases.

Final Words

In super-duty vans like Ford F250 or F350, the fender lights are essential. These vans are used for both light and heavy works. Having proper signaling devices is very important. For this reason, these vans are not to be on the road without a fender light.

Every time you are on duty, you might not find a mechanic to replace the fender light of your Ford. Thus, you should know how to remove ford dually fender lights and how to install the new ones. We tried to give you a basic idea about fender lights in this post. Drive safe and abide by all traffic rules! 

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