My BMW App Not Working: Causes & Fixing Tips

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Written By Thomas Anderson

The BMW app is among a few high-tech features that provide satisfaction and an excellent driving experience. The application allows users to control some functions on their BMW cars in their comfort zone.

The car owner can check the tire pressure, fuel level, interior temperature, and other vital things using the application. This BMW software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices for free.

My BMW app not working has become a trending topic in many BMW forums and social media feeds. The problem occurs due to wrong login credentials, unstable internet connection, inactivated app, and outdated

I wrote this comprehensive article to provide the exact root causes of the BMW app not working and troubleshooting tips to fix them. Take the time to read through to regain the app functionality.

10 Reasons for My BMW App Not Working

There are many reasons why your BMW app isn’t working. Here are some of the causes and their troubleshooting tips:

1. Bug in the App

Most technological devices are vulnerable to bugs in their hardware and software. The bug usually causes unexpected problems in the device’s hardware or software. The interference is the reason behind your BMW app not working.

I recommend giving your BMW app a master reset to clear the caches and fix the bug. Contacting the BMW support team is another option if the system reboot does not work. The customer support teams are readily available to assist.

2. Too Many Users

When I bought my first BMW car about two years ago, I instructed my two daughters and wife to install the BMW app in their phones. I noticed my BMW app not working whenever my children and wife are using it. The application only works well when one user is using it. We recommend trying to uninstall or log out from other devices. It is the proven method of regaining your application functionalities.

3. Low Phone Battery

The BMW app consumes a lot of energy to function well. The application may fail to function if the device power is below five percent. We recommend taking the time to charge your phone and try to access the application interface.

4. BMW Servers Down

The BMW app is only accessible on the internet. The application is hosted on several servers to enhance its functionality. If the hosting servers are down due to glitches or issues, the app will stop working. We recommend getting in touch with BMW customer support for help. Besides that, exercise patience until the server downtime effect is fixed. Do not reboot your application since it will erase vital details.

5. Bad Weather Conditions

The BMW app uses radio waves for the internal systems to coordinate. Bad weather conditions usually interfere with sending short-range communication between the app and the car systems. Adverse weather is inevitable in the United States of America. We recommend exercising patience for the bad weather to pass. Try opening the BMW app and link it with your vehicle when the weather is ok.

6. Wrong Login Credentials

Entering the wrong login credentials in the BMW app could be the reason for not working. We recommend resetting the password to a memorable one and trying to access the app. Pay more attention when filling up the username and password to prevent your BMW app from not working.

7. Unstable Internet Connection

The BMW app needs a stable internet connection to utilize its functions. An unstable internet connection or lack of mobile data will inhibit the application from working. Buy mobile data or reconnect your phone to stable internet and restart your BMW application.

8. Limited Phone Storage Space

A mobile with limited storage space will make the BMW app find it challenging to process the information. Free up space in your device to allow the application stores information and process it when the need arises. The memory card added to your mobile device will create more storage space. It will also help avoid deleting other apps, photos, and media from the phone. If you have a phone without a memory card slot, delete unnecessary information to free up space.

9. Inactive BMW App

The BMW app usually needs a security code to send to the phone via short message text for activation. The code is only valid for three hours before expiring. If you delete all the messages on the phone before activating the app, it will not work. We recommend requesting a new security code and enter in the app.

If you don’t get a new security code despite the request, consider consulting the BMW customer support team for assistance.

10. Outdated BMW App Version

If your device is not using the current version of the BMW application, it will experience unexpected problems by crashing more often. Visit the App or Google store and update the BMW app by downloading the latest version.

How to Fix My BMW App Not Working

Fixing My BMW app can be a daunting experience if you don’t know the exact cause of the problem. Here are quick tips for fixing a BMW app that is not working:

Update the App Version

If you are using the oldest My BMW App version, you will run into frequent errors. The best option is to update the app from the App Store or Google Play store to get the current version.

Clear the App Cache

Data Junk files usually impact the phone storage space and my BMW app. Try clearing the cache data to free up space and restore the app functionality. Uninstall and Re-Install the App Uninstall the My BMW App from your mobile phone and wait about ten minutes to remove the old bugs or glitches. Re-install the application and try accessing the interface.