P1450 Ford Focus (How to Fix)

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Written By Thomas Anderson

Do you have a Ford Focus and getting the P1450 error code? In this article, we will be talking about this particular issue, why it appears, and how to fix it. It’s not always clear what an error code means when you plug a Diagnostics tool onto your vehicle.

In this article, we’re going to attempt to help you better understand the significance of this particular code and what it implies. In short, this error code implies excess vacuum in the fuel tank. This particular problem has actually led to a recall at some point in the history of the Ford Focus. When there’s an excess vacuum in the fuel tank, the tank can deform and other associated problems can arise.

What Does P1450 Code Mean?

So, what exactly does the P1450 code mean? This error code points to an issue with the EVAP system in the car. It often appears soon after filling up your gas tank and your car refuses to start.

In short, when the P1450 code appears it is simply showing that the vehicle is failing to bleed the fuel tank. There are several possible causes for this particular problem.

The first Port of Call when trying to diagnose this particular problem is to check the charcoal valve canister that is located under the fuel tank. This is accessible quite easily from under the vehicle.

Replacing this canister is a very simple process that involves pulling out the existing one0 and then replacing it with a new one. If this was the problem you should hear a gurgling or hissing and puffing sound coming from the new canister.

Another common problem that can cause the P1450 error code to appear is a faulty purge valve. It is located in the engine and when it malfunctions it will cause a vacuum to form and prevents fuel from getting to the engine. Blockages in the fuel filler tube will also lead to this problem.

You also need to make sure that the EVAP hoses are not clogged up. If any of these blockages exist then the result may be the P1450 error code. This is one of the errors that you need to check first if you are trying to troubleshoot this particular problem.

How Do I Fix the Engine Code P1450?

Now, how do you fix the P01450 error code? Due to the fact of there being several possible causes for this particular error, the remedies are also going to vary based on the problem that is causing the code to appear.

In this passage we’re going to be looking at the different causes and then the remedy for each. Fuel Filler Tube Issues: In the case of a faulty filler tube, a replacement or repair are two options available to you.

It is, however, recommend that you replace the tube instead of repairing it. Repairing the tube could lead to other problems down the line but replacing it is almost guaranteed to fix the problem for good.

The cost of replacing the tube is also very negligible and bearing this in mind it’s prudent to just replace the tube. In this way you will not be worried about this particular problem recurring anytime in the near future. Removing blockages from EVAP hoses:

The EVAP system has several hoses that run through it. It’s not uncommon for these hoses to get clogged up over time. When this happens you’ll get the error code.

Make sure to check all the hoses in the system to ensure that none of them are clogged up. If cleaning the blockages in the hoses does not solve the problem you need to replace them.

Fortunately, just like with the fuel pipes, the cost of replacing the affected hoses is also very low and is better to replace than to repair old ones.

Replacing Charcoal Canister: The charcoal canister is one of the first places you need to look at when you are troubleshooting this particular error code. Fortunately replacing it is a simple process because you can simply pull it out and then replace it with a new one. However the replacement cost it’s slightly higher than the other components mentioned in this article.

Is it OK to Drive with Code P1450?

Does driving your car with the P1450 code damage it in any way? Well, there are two ways of answering this question. Firstly you’re driving your car when it is this error code is not known to damage it in any way.

However, your vehicle may actually not start at all especially after you filled up the fuel tank. This is because the issues that lead to the airport appearing can cause a vacuum to form in the fuel tank rendering of your vehicle immobile.


So, they have it. The P1450 error code has to do with a vacuum foaming in the fuel tank and then eventually in the engine. There are several causes for this particular problem and they each have different remedies is highlighted in this post. We hope that this particular article is helped answer and in all questions that you might have concerning this issue.