Steering Assist Fault Service Required (Ford, Meaning & Causes)

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Written By Thomas Anderson

When the steering assist fault service required message comes on your ford dashboard, it can be worrying. After all, no one likes to see their car prompting them to go for repairs. This guide will look at what causes this message and what options there are to sort it. It will also give tips on how you can prevent this message from coming up in the future.

What Does “Steering Assist Fault Service Required” Mean?

The “Steering Assist Fault Service Required” message is a very common problem for Ford vehicles. It means there might be a problem with the steering system and it needs repairs.

When this message appears, the steering becomes tight and difficult to turn. There are many different things that can cause steering assist fault service required and below I will list the possible causes and things you need to know.

What Causes Steering assist fault service required on your ford?

Electric Power Assisted Steering Module Malfunction

The Electric power assist steering (EPAS) module is an electronic part that works with the engine control module (ECM) to provide power steering assistance.

Unfortunately, most Fords pre-2014 had (EPAS) module problems, and this is the most common cause of the “steering ass fault service required” error message.

The EPAS module can fail as a result of water ingress, electrical faults or through wear and tear over time.

To fix this you need to replace the whole steering rack since it can’t be sold separately.

Bad Steering rack:

The rack itself could be bad, which means that you need to have it replaced by a professional technician as soon as possible. If you notice that there is play on your steering wheel whenever you are driving down the road, then this could be an indication that something is wrong with your rack.

The steering rack may become worn or damaged through use over time causing it to fail, resulting in an error message being displayed on your screen.

This could also be caused by poor alignment at an earlier stage which will lead to uneven tire wear and potentially causes uneven tire pressures which are detected by sensors fitted within the wheel hubs.

The best thing to do here is to have it inspected right away so that you do not have any problems later down the line with your vehicle’s safety or performance.

Bad Battery:

If your battery is dead or dying, it may not be able to provide enough power for the rest of your car’s electrical system  including any sensors that rely on electricity from a battery to work properly.

One example of this is when there’s a fault code stored in your vehicle’s computer system indicating that there’s an issue with your EPS system; if this happens while you’re driving

The first thing that we would recommend doing is checking your battery because this can cause issues with all electrical circuits including the EPAS system; even though this doesn’t seem like something that would cause this problem since it’s not related to any electrical component but rather mechanical, if there is no power going through these circuits then they will not work properly.

Can you drive with a steering assist fault?

You can still drive, but it is not recommended. The steering will be harder and you will not have the same level of control over your vehicle as you would with a working system.

It is recommended you take the vehicle to the nearest dealer or if you are closer to home then you should check the Battery yourself. If there is nothing obvious, then it may be time to take it in for service.

How Much does it cost to fix the steering assist fault?

The problem is usually caused by a faulty EPAS (electronic power assisted system) module and/or battery. . If it’s a battery, lucky you can get a new battery $50-250 depending on the model and year of your car. If it is the steering module then the dealer will need to replace the whole steering rack and it’s costly, expect to pay $1700-2200 depending on the model.


It’s best to check the Battery yourself, if there is nothing obvious then take it in for service and have them diagnose it and replace the necessary. In most cases, you should expect the dealer to replace the steering rack to solve the issue.