How to use trailer brake controller f150?

How to use trailer brake controller f150?

The ford f150 series is a popular truck that many people enjoy for its versatility and power. It can be used for hauling heavy loads.  For this, one of the accessories you might need to install on your f150 is a trailer brake controller. This device will help you control the braking system on your … Read more

How to tell which coil pack is bad f150?

how to tell which coil pack is bad f150

If you’re facing a problem with your Ford F-150, you should check all of the coil packs. A bad coil pack can cause a lot of different problems in your vehicle. So you need to always know which one is facing the problem. Few signs can help you determine whether you need to change any … Read more

Best 3-inch Lift Kit for Ford F150

A Ford f150 pickup truck is best known for its comfortable ride on highways than on off-road trips. Driving over rocks, gravels, and snow with an 8.2-9.9 inches ground clearance rarely prevents undercarriage and tires damage. But installing the best 3-inch lift kit for Ford f150, allows the driver to get a higher ground clearance … Read more

How long does a ford f150 transmission last?

How long does a ford f150 transmission last?

A transmission is a vital part of your Ford-150 as well as for any vehicle. When you hit the gas pedal, It helps to transfer power from the engine to the wheels to go forward. There is a common question among the users that how long an F-150 transmission lasts. Well, many factors will determine … Read more

How to reset ambient temperature sensor Ford?

The air conditioner is one of the most needed features of any car. It helps to keep you cool and provide comfort while driving. Ford vehicles come with a temperature sensor used by the air conditioner to determine when the interior has reached a comfortable temperature. This sensor may need to be reset periodically or … Read more

Most Common Ford Sync Update Problems & Their Solutions

Ford Sync Update Problems

Who doesn’t want a good experience while driving their cars? Everyone does, right? Nevertheless, sometimes it gets irritating if you own a Ford and the Ford sync doesn’t update properly. I was facing this problem too often and had to get help from the experts every time. Guess what? I’ve become an expert now. So, … Read more

Most Common High-Pressure Oil Pump Symptoms on 6.0 Powerstroke

6.0 Powerstroke High-Pressure Oil Pump Symptoms

Those who’ve been into the game of using a diesel-engined truck know how much fame Ford earned for its 6.0 Powerstroke engine series. While new owners showed satisfaction with its usage, old owners faced problems when the 6.0 Powerstroke high-pressure oil pump symptoms started to show up.  Facing problematic symptoms became a common scenario among most users. … Read more

Best Seat Covers For Ford F250 Super Duty Review

best seat covers for ford f250 super duty

If you drive a Ford F250, can you name an overlooked component that takes a lot of abuse? You may say it’s the engine or the suspension. But one of the most overlooked are the seats. The seat covers suffer a lot of abuse. That’s why making sure you spend your hard-earned money on the … Read more