How to Tell Inlet and Outlet On Heater Core

how to tell inlet and outlet on heater core

A clogged heater core often creates a significant problem in the automobile ignition system. It prevents the steaming and makes the ignition come to a halt. So, when you want to unclog the heater core, you have to learn how to tell inlet and outlet on heater core.    Thankfully, there are three ways to fix … Read more

How To Find Gear Ratio By VIN

How to find gear ratio by vin

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number can provide you with every data relating to your car.  Well….almost everything.  If you’re wondering why we’re doubting the VIN codes capability, you might want to know how to find gear ratio by VIN.  The Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS) of the VIN will carry information for the gearbox ratio if … Read more

How to Get Spark Plug Out of Hole

How to Get Spark Plug Out of Hole

The spark plug is a part of the car’s ignition system. You have to change the spark plug if it gets faulty. And this is when the plug might even break and leave a part in the cylinder hole. So, you’ve got to know how to get spark plug out of hole if you want … Read more

The A – Z Of Duramax Power Steering Fluid Type

duramax power steering fluid type

As the name suggests, the power steering fluid is a sort of car fluid used on the hydraulic pump for power steering. Cars made before the 2010s have power steering in them.  Power steering fluids provide hydraulic assist to the steering system of the vehicle. This helps you to move the steering of your wheels … Read more

How Does The Front Locking Hub Work On A F250?

How Does The Front Locking Hub Work On A F250?

Ford F250 is one of the sturdiest models yet to come from the long line of manufacturers. But a question that may arise to you – how does the front locking hub work on a F250? The front locking hub on F250 works by attaching and detaching the front axles. When not locked in, the … Read more

How to Get More Power Out of a Ford 460?

The 460 engines of Ford were introduced in 1968 with 365 horsepower at 4600 RPM. It is still a competent engine if you can get more juice out of it. But how to get more power out of a Ford 460? Will it be worth it? A regular polish and mild port of engine heads … Read more